February 23, 2006

Unintentionally Hate-Inducing Photo of the Moment, vol. 3

"Don't shoot my manicure and microwave."

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February 21, 2006

A good website has concise, well-written headlines that aren't effectively full-length sentences and unedited thoughts

Also, a good website doesn't rely on an asinine "Unintentionally Hilarious" feature for nearly every other post, e.g. below, just because they get tired of blogging and start working on more productive stuff.

I hate them and their positive, non-meta-media life objectives. I hope they die.

No, you know what? I hope they meta-die. Sort of like what my colleague implied.

I hate my colleague, too.

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Unintentionally Hate-Inducing Photo of the Moment, vol. 2


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Unintentionally Hate-Inducing Photo of the Moment, vol. 1


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February 15, 2006

A Blog Is (Still-)Born

It's a Blog: He looks just like his daddies.

What the fuck is this? Another goddamn blog? Worse yet, the beginnings of a so-called blog network? Someone must've smelled money and decided to get some.

What? That's not money? Well then what the smells so freakin' bad? Oh, it's the sweet smell of low culture. Man, that site has been sitting dormant so long, it's starting to reek of death. In fact, didn't those two jackasses who "edit" the site pretend to die? Funny! (We wish would say, "Funny because it's true.")

Let's be honest, shall we? Those guys suck. Their whole site sucked. And that's why we created i hate low culture. Think of us as a vertically-integrated always-on 24/7 multi-media roast of all things low culture with brand-extension and content-sharing opportunities available to strategic partners in web and post-web media.

Translation: Another goddamn blog. Which rhymes with slog. But with a 'B.' Which stands for B-list. Which is just what those losers are.

Welcome to i hate low culture: Home of the hate that hate produced.

We hope you'll hate it.

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